Why Bali?

Updated: Mar 2

You've got 2-3 weeks of holiday approved by the boss. You open Google Maps and spin the virtual globe and land on Bali, a small island based in Indonesia. Don't let's it's small size fool you, Bali is the perfect spot if you are seeking a combination of adventure and relaxation. Surfing, snorkelling, volcano trekking, yoga, cooking classes, scooter riding, temples, monkey forests, the list of activities for such a small island is endless. At the same time, you can spend days on end on the many golden beaches, treat yourself to a daily massage, work on your downward facing dog in a yoga class facing serene rice terraces or let your hair down at a beach club. If that's not enough there are nearby islands to explore like Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida and of course the magical Gili islands!

At this stage, the question shouldn't be why Bali, but more when can I go! What are you waiting for, book those flights and move on to the next post...........When to go!

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